Web Developer- Very Helpful Plugin

Here’s a very handy plug-in for Mozilla Firefox I discovered earlier this week. It’s simply called Web Developer.

Outwardly it’s a pretty basic snippet of software that adds a toolbar and menu to the Firefox web browser (if you’re still using Internet Exploder you’ll need to start here). It provides various tools that any web geek will find invaluable. Installation takes about half a minute and it’s compatible with all versions of Firefox from 1.0 on.

With a couple of clicks you can easily test a page to see what it looks like with no CSS stylesheet. Or to the user with Javascript disabled.

One of the handier items is a view of the rendered HTML that shows you what the browser sees after all the squirrels have gone back to their cages. Or check the Javascript view to see just what all those little code snippets turn in to after the page downloads!

There are tons of great plug-ins available for Firefox (browse). If you deal with any HTML or CSS for web page design this little toolbar will make you wonder how you lived without it.

To learn more or download the Web Developer plug-in go to addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/60

2 thoughts on “Web Developer- Very Helpful Plugin”

  1. A great plugin, indeed. I use this to view CSS styles and source constantly. The resize feature is also handy for trying to envision what people with oldschool 15″s might be seeing.

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