Infill This

Infill Development: a newspeak phrase to describe teardowns in older neighborhoods.

I’m yet to hear a good argument on why someone can’t come to Midtown Tulsa, bulldoze a rotten, out-of-code, unsafe house and build a brand new beautiful home.

– Comment on Tulsa World

Nobody is complaining about the former.

And everyone is waiting to see the latter.

The majority of teardowns result in oversized McMansions being crammed on to lots fit for homes half their size. No matter what your idea of beautiful might be, the location of a home is inherently part of its appeal.

I’ll never understand why someone moves to a neighborhood, then commences to undo everything that makes that neighborhood desirable.

One thought on “Infill This”

  1. i love my neighborhood, but the $800,000 house for sale down the street just doesn't do it for me. It's so South Tulsa. And there's no way (currently) to stop them.

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